There are many choices available when selecting an accounting firm to meet your needs. usually, when you search for accounting services you want someone who is technically very competent, up-to-date, fast,  professional organized and responsive, at Chengkalath & Company, our team consists of several experienced Chartered Professional Accountants, the firm and its practitioner are approved by CPA Alberta, in accordance with legislation, to operate in the practice areas specified as the appropriate education, practical experience and professional development requirements have been obtained and verified.

We have earned the distinction of providing over 37 years of service excellence because we believe that experience, integrity and people are the cornerstones of our practice.

We have experience in most of the salient areas relating to the taxation of individuals and Canadian Controlled Private corporations. our professionals focus on two main goals; to recommend appropriate planning strategies to reduce taxes and to ensure that our team has the experience and knowledge to prepare accurate tax filings.

Our accountants can assist you in determining the appropriate type of financial information required both for internal and external uses. we can assist with your accounting needs by providing bookkeeping support. If there are requirements to provide a level of assurance for third party users of the financial statements, we can recommend the appropriate level for the particular situation.

At Chengkalath & Company, our team of professionals can guide you through the complex rules to efficiently and accurately comply with multijurisdictional tax and reporting requirements.

Our core values ensure that we deliver consistent and reliable service for every client engagement. we call it doing things right. we solve difficult problems by using creative thinking and teamwork. we consistently identify means and methods to perform tasks more efficiently. we continue to expand our knowledge base and we share that knowledge within our organization. we strive to provide highly personalized professional services.