Audit and Assurance

We perform assurance engagements for a wide range of profit and not-for-profit organizations. audit engagements are required by businesses when they are financed by banks and /or other financial institutions and also where multiple shareholders are involved   in a business. not-for-profit organizations also require audit services. assurance engagements include audit and review. this is particularly important to secure external financing. financial statements prepared under assurance engagements provide added value.we also prepare financial statements prepared under review engagements.

Notice to Reader Financial Statements

These types of statements are usually prepared for management and tax purposes. these are particularly useful where there are no external financing involved. We also prepare net worth statements where are useful for presentation to bank for financing.

Taxation Services

We have extensive experience in providing taxation services to individual and corporations. we provide the following services in taxation area:

  1. Tax planning for corporations and individuals.
  2. Preparation for corporation income tax returns both federal and provincial
  3. Information returns (T4, T5, T3 and trust return)
  4. Advice on goods and services taxes compliance
  5. Appeals to Canada Revenue Agency on tax re-assessments
  6. Voluntary disclosure. this is program available to non-filers of income tax returns and/or any other information returns. if criteria are met, you can avoid paying penalties on unpaid taxes
  7. Preparation of personal tax returns

Business Services

When you start a new business,you are always confronted with a question whether you should incorporate or not. we provide valuable advice and assistance in this regard. we also guide you in the right direction when you start a new business,whether as a sole proprietor or as a corporation. we also advise you on all reporting and compliance matter with Canada Revenue Agency.


We also provide monthly and yearly book-keeping services.timely and reliable book-keeping is very essential for any business. unless  book-keeping is done on a regular and accurate manner, a business cannot prepare financial statements on a timely basis which is essential for various decision making and planning.


Our firm offers a wide range of GST services for our individual and corporate clients.